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Resume is most important for the both job seekers who already established in the industry and the beginners. After so many downloads of our first resume template we have decided to bring you guys another awesome minimalism resume template. We hope you guys will like it. This Single Page Resume template include 4 column grid so you can edit the template easily. Custom free Google fonts and many more option. So enjoy it

Single Page Resume Features:

  1. Ready To Print
  2. Easy to Edit
  3. Grid Based Layout
  4. 4 Column
  5. Custom Grid
  6. Photoshop and MS Word File
  7. Bleed: 0.25 inch


  1. Bryan

    I had some issues with the payment, probably had to do with my internet connection. I e-mailed support and it was resolved quickly. great work guys!

  2. Ante

    How do I change picture in Word2010? There is no Change Picture in the Picture tools…

  3. juliana

    Hi, I’m not able to change the picture. I try to follow the steps given here clicking in the photo and then going to the picture tools but I cannot find the “change picture” opcion. I’m trying to edit it on Word. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  4. adriana mendes

    Hello. Yesterday i bought this template……however i was stupid enought to not save a copy of it besides the one i was going to use.

    How can i have the template as i download it?

    I need to start over again.

    • Admin

      You can download the template using download link that sent to your email address.

  5. Kully

    How do I replace the photo on this document. I cannot see the option in the ‘Picture Tools’ menu and when I delete the current picture and try to put my own picture there, it throws everything out in the header section.

    • Admin

      Just click the picture first and Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Change Picture.

  6. John Hunt

    It would be helpful if the Font files could come with the download. My computer doesn’t have this font pre-installed, so now it wants to make a substitution for a different font.


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