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Simplicity Wanted is a free resume template site that allows job seekers to download free resume template that can stand out. Download your free resume now. Our free resume template will help you to get the dream job that you want.

Hunting for job is hard work. Applying day by day but lack of response from employer can be really frustrate. Do you ever think why did not get any response. If you never ask that question to yourself the ask now and take a look on your resume. You will see the answer.

Yes its your resume which letting you down. A bad design and badly written resume will bring you no luck in your job hunting process. Try our creatively design free resume template. You will be amazed by the results

All of our resume template was creatively design to pass the 6 second test. Its perfect for the beginner and professional.

Easy to Edit

Our resume templates are easy to edit. All the layers of every resume templates are grouped into the specific folder so you can look through every details at moment you editing the template. Just select the layer you want to edit double click on that layer and easily type you details to edit that part.

Pur resume template comes in two format psd (Photoshop) and .doc (Microsoft word) you choose which ever format you prefer to edit. To edit the Microsoft Word template you will need Microsoft Word vesion 2007 or greater. 2007 Microsoft Word version I will recommend. And to edit the psd template I would recommend you to use the CS4+ version. Photoshop CC is the best option to choose for this purpose. If you dont have photoshop then please download the trial version of photoshop cc from adobe website.

Free Resume Template
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