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Single Page Resume:

Resume is most important for the both job seekers who already established in the industry and the beginners. After so many downloads of our first resume template we have decided to bring you guys another awesome minimalism resume template. We hope you guys will like it. This Single Page Resume template include 4 column grid so you can edit the template easily. Custom free Google fonts and many more option. So enjoy it

Single Page Resume Features:

  1. Ready To Print
  2. Easy to Edit
  3. Grid Based Layout
  4. 4 Column
  5. Custom Grid
  6. Photoshop and MS Word File
  7. Bleed: 0.25 inch
Format: PSD, MS WORD
Total Downloads: 15,468
Size: A4 Print Ready

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46 thoughts on “Single Page Resume

  1. Paul Vachier

    it’s a nice template but it should be available in InDesign format. Editing a document like this in Word or Photoshop is the worst kind of torture. i tried both PSD and DOC formats and gave up because it was too laborious to make simple edits (and i’m a Photoshop pweruser). MS Word is horrible for anything other then simple form letters.

  2. Yvonne

    This might seem stupid, but I’m editing the document in Word on Mac, and I can’t seem to move on to a new page.
    Read the help document, but that didn’t help.

  3. David

    Hi Guys,

    The template is great but i cannot pay for it. The payment gate keeps processing but nothing else happens. Do you know why? thanks


  4. Paula R.

    I’m having problems changing the picture as it messes up when I try to paste the new picture, all contents lose their order…

    Despite that, amazing template! Thanks.

    • Admin Post author

      Hi Paula,

      Please read the help.doc. We have given proper instruction on how to change the profile image. And for more assistance please contact support.


  5. Clare

    How do I download the fonts?
    I went to Google fonts but the fonts are for websites.
    How do I download them to use in a MS Word document?

    • Admin Post author

      Font links are in the help file. You have copy and paste them into your fonts directory. For more help please contact the support.

  6. Kelsey


    I figured out how to do most everything EXCEPT

    How do I edit my skill levels under my professional and personal skills? I can’t figure out how to fill in more of the dots with the same formatting.

    • Admin Post author

      just duplicate the color fill layer by right clicking on the layer and use arrow to place it in-front of the dots.

  7. R

    I just paid for and downloaded this template, but I don’t have PhotoShop and I can’t seem to edit the file (I have a Mac computer, OS 10.7.4). I downloaded GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) for free to try to modify this file, but it can’t seem to open the file due to an unsupported color.
    Any suggestions? Please help…this looks like the perfect template for me, if I can modify it.

    • Admin Post author

      Nope you will need Photoshop to open the file. We have finished the word (.doc) format, working on the help file. Soon we will update the file

  8. Rachel

    Thank you! Well done, great look.

    One question: how do I replace your picture with a picture of myself? Photoshop newbie.

    Thanks again!

    • Admin Post author

      there is layer named “Place your image” double click on that layer icon it then click OK, it will open the image file in the new tab just pace you image there and save.

  9. Christian Rodriguez

    Hey man thanks for the great CV, I was wondering though, is there an easy way to change the Color Fill / Ellipse on the personal skills? I seem to have troubles replacing them….

    Any tips?


    • Kelsey

      I’m having the same problem. I’m sure there’s an easy way to fill them in but I can’t figure out what it would be.

  10. Lauren

    This is awesome. I have been looking for ways to update my own resume as well as help others with theirs ( I do a lot of writing and editing for family and friends).

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!


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